What Should You Do When NordVPN Is Not Connecting?


Even the best-laid plans can have hiccups and NordVPN isn’t an exception. One very common problem is that Nordvpn is not connecting. But luckily, there are a couple of solutions. So here’s a compilation of all the solutions one could try if NordVPN isn’t connecting.

Premium VPN services like NordVPN pride themselves on offering their clients peace of mind and smooth experience. However, sometimes things go wrong, and it’s not always clear why.

Whatever the reason, it’s still important to go through some common fixes to see if that solves the issue. And if they don’t, it’s time to contact the customer support.

A general NordVPN connection troubleshooting guide

Some general things to try before resorting to more detailed solutions:

  • Make sure the internet connection is still fine through a speed test
  • Reset the router
  • Try at least 3 different VPN servers
  • Log out of the account and log back in
  • Restart the PC or the device
  • Uninstall and reinstall the client or app
  • Make sure a firewall or antivirus isn’t interfering with the VPN
  • Try switching to a different protocol

When the VPN is not connecting: platform differences

The platform a person is using may have an impact on why NordVPN is having connection problems. The VPN supports way too many devices for all of their troubleshooting guides to be laid out here. Plus, NordVPN did a great job of outlining possible reasons for why the VPN won’t connect on most of the devices they support.

So instead, here’s a quick overview of each.

When NordVPN is not connecting on Windows 10:

There have been different complaints over the years about the NordVPN client not wanting to connect on Windows platforms. The reasons are diverse, and usually, people are advised to log out and back in again to solve the issue.

But some have said that disabling the IPv6 protocol helped, so that’s one option to try. PC users can also try to disable their firewall or antivirus because that may be blocking the connection.

When NordVPN is not connecting on Android:

Some Android users are keen on installing additional security software like firewalls or antivirus software. Nothing wrong with that, but it might cause NordVPN to have connection problems.

Try disabling those features and see if the issue resolves itself. If it doesn’t, then reinstall the app.

When NordVPN is not connecting on MacOS:

When Mac users report connection issues with NordVPN, it’s usually because they downloaded the IKE version of the client software. Instead, delete that and download the OpenVPN version from the NordVPN website.

If the problem persists, switch to the TCP protocol or try using obfuscated servers.

When NordVPN is not connecting on iOS:

There doesn’t seem to be any specific iOS related issues that result in NordVPN not connecting. So, the only solution here is to delete the app before restarting the device and reinstalling it again. Hopefully, that sorts out the problem. But if it doesn’t, the customer support is only a click away.

When NordVPN is not connecting on Linux:

Since Linux is a little more complicated than most other operating systems, it’s important to make sure that the VPN was installed correctly.

Often, NordVPN is not connecting on Linux because some small mistake was made during the installation process. Even if it worked fine before, this might still be the case. The only solution is to reinstall the VPN again while making sure every step is done correctly.

Sometimes, when NordVPN can’t connect, it has nothing to do with the device it’s being used on or the platform itself. Some websites, like Netflix, block certain VPN IPs. The only solution, in that case, is to keep switching servers until there’s one that works.