How to Install a VPN on FireStick: The Ultimate Guide

How to Install a VPN on Firestick:

The Firestick is a handy little device from Amazon that allows anyone to easily watch streaming services on their television, even if they don’t have a smart TV. Sticking this small device into a television’s HDMI port enables people to stream content over WiFi, and it’s been a favorite, affordable alternative to Roku and ​Google Chromecast.

There are two main benefits to getting a VPN for Firestick. The first benefit is that a VPN will allow users to watch series and movies regardless of their location. Since the Firestick’s capabilities are limited to the USA, anyone who buys the device via Amazon won’t be able to use it. But a VPN sorts those issues out quickly because it bypasses geographical restrictions by allowing users to connect to servers in different locations. This can also come in handy for those living in the US who want to have access to streaming services from other countries.

Besides circumventing regional restrictions, the fact that a VPN allows people to switch between servers helps alleviate poor quality streaming. Because anyone who is experiencing traffic issues can change to a new server.

The second benefit of getting a VPN for Firestick revolves around security and ISP spying. No ISP has officially admitted it, but recent studies and user complaints have pretty much confirmed ISP throttling. While ISPs aren’t technically allowed to throttle their users, it’s been found that some do throttle specific online actions like streaming. So how would one go about putting a stop to this? With a VPN – which hides all internet traffic, even from the user’s ISP.

But what is a VPN, exactly?

For those who haven’t already decided to get one, a VPN (or virtual private network) protects any data that goes through the user’s network. Or to be more precise, it protects the outgoing and incoming data of the device on which a VPN is installed and activated. How does this work? A VPN creates a secure tunnel that encrypts all data and hides it from the prying eyes of ISPs, advertisers, and malicious attackers. So anyone who connects to the internet through a VPN can surf the web anonymously and securely.

Because of this, it’s a great idea to get a VPN installed on the Firestick. So anyone who wants to know how to install VPN on FireStick without resorting to root or jailbreak measures can follow the simple steps below. This is a detailed guide on how to install a VPN on the Firestick, and it lists the installation processes of all the major VPN service providers currently available.

Just note that the selection of VPN apps available on the second generation Firestick is more extensive than on the first. So anyone who has a first generation Firestick will have to contend with a smaller selection. Also, note that most of the VPN services won’t allow users to create new accounts via the Firestick. So anyone who wants to use a VPN app with the Firestick will first need to sign up for an account using a mobile phone, PC, or laptop.

How to install IPVanish on FireStick

First, navigate to the IPVanish website and sign up for an account. They offer three price packages that range from one month to one year. After setting up an IPVanish VPN account, the VPN Fire TV app can be downloaded using the Firestick. Here’s the setup process in 7 quick steps:

  1. Find the search box in the Fire TV home screen and type “VPN” or “IPVanish” into it.
  2. Locate the IPVanish app and select it by pressing the “select” button on the Firestick remote.
  3. Then click on the “Get” button and wait for the download to finish.
  4. After the download has completed, the “Get” button will change to an “Open” button. Click on it to launch the app.
  5. Enter the login details of the account that’s been created on the service and select a country or server of your choice.
  6. Find the “Enable VPN” button and click on it.

How to install NordVPN on FireStick

NordVPN is one of the more popular VPN options out there, but the service has yet to make a VPN for Fire TV. Luckily, the Firestick operating system is an extension of Android, so anyone who wants to use NordVPN can still use the service on the device. With a small workaround, at least. This option won’t work with a first generation Firestick, however.

Make sure to head to the NordVPN website to sign up for an account. NordVPN has a few pricing options that mostly range in years. After creating an account, make sure to also find the download link for the Android APK file.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Fire TV home screen and select “Settings” then “Device.”
  2. Find the “Developer Options” tab then enable both “ADB debugging” and “Apps from unknown sources.”
  3. On the home screen, find the search box and search for the Downloader app. Select the “Get” button to download the app.
  4. Open the Downloader app and type in the download URL of the Android APK file (this may take a long while with the Firestick remote).
  5. After the browser opens, click on the link to download the APK and install then open the app after the download has finished.
  6. NordVPN won’t show up on the home page or apps list on the Fire TV because it’s not a natively supported app. So navigate to the Settings menu again.
  7. Select “Applications” in the settings menu then select “Manage installed applications” and find the NordVPN app from the list. From there, launch the application.

Lastly, the Firestick remote won’t work with NordVPn. So anyone who wants to install NordVPN on Firestick will also have to download a Fire TV remote app for Firestick (Amazon has one available) and iOS or Android. The NordVPN app can then be controlled using a mobile phone or tablet as a remote.

How to install UltraSurf VPN on FireStick

Ultrasurf is an entirely free VPN that doesn’t require any signup but just like NordVPN is also not natively supported by Firestick. So the steps to downloading UltraSurf VPN for Firestick are much the same as they are for NordVPN. Again, make sure to have the download link for the UltraSurf Android APK ready. Follow the same instructions as outlined for NordVPN above. Just make sure to type in the UltraSurf VPN APK download link in step four. Also, the Firestick remote will probably not work well with the UltraSurf VPN because it wasn’t created to work with third-party Android apps. So anyone who wants to install UltraSurf VPN on Fire TV will also have to get a Bluetooth mouse or install a TV remote app.

How to install CyberGhost VPN on FireStick

CyberGhost VPN is another popular VPN service that isn’t supported by Firestick but has an Android workaround. Follow the steps below (this will only work on Android):

  1. Create an account on CyberGhost VPN using a PC or mobile phone.
  2. Still using the phone, go to the accounts page on the CyberGhost website and click on the plus icon to add a new device. Click on the Android icon which will open up a Google Play Store link.
  3. Follow the link to download and install the app.
  4. Next, find Apps2Fire on the Google Play Store (Koni makes it) and install that as well.
  5. Run the Apps2Fire app which will make a list of the installed apps on the device (this may take a while depending on how many apps there are).
  6. Finally on to the Fire TV itself. Go to the home screen, find the Settings menu and got to About > Network.
  7. An IP address will be listed on the right under the Network tab. Using the Apps2Fire app, find the setup menu by swiping the main menu to the left. Type this IP address into the box then click on the “Search Fire TVs” option. Both the Android device and the Fire TV need to be connected to the same WiFi for this to work.
  8. Still using the Apps2Fire app, go to the Local Apps tab on the left of the screen and find CyberGhost. Click on CyberGhost to open a new window then click on “Install.”
  9. Exit the Apps2Fire app after the transfer is done and go back to the Fire TV. Find the “Your Apps and Games” section and scroll down until CyberGhost appears on the screen.
  10. Launch the application.

How to install PIA VPN on FireStick

People who want to use PIA VPN will need to install Two third-party apps on Fire TV before installing the PIA VPN on the Firestick. The first is called ES File Explorer File Manager, which can be found on the Amazon store using the Fire TV. The second is a Fire TV remote app which can be found on either Android or iOS stores. Then follow these steps to install  PIA VPN on the Firestick:

  1. Find the download page on the PIA website and download the PIA VPN Android application APK to a computer.
  2. Connect the Firestick to the computer via USB and transfer the file to the Firestick.
  3. Open the ES File Manager app using a Fire TV remote app (some will only work on mobile devices while others can sync with the Firestick remote).
  4. Select Internal Storage at the top of the screen in the ES File Manager.
  5. Click on the file pia-latest-android.apk.
  6. A new window will pop up, click on “Install.”
  7. After the application has finished installation, open the PIA VPN app to start using it.

How to install Free VPN on FireStick

FreeVPN is another free virtual private network option like UltraSurf VPN that can be installed just like NordVPN. Because it’s also not natively supported by the Firestick. Simply navigate to the “Download” tab on the Free VPN website and click on either the Google Play Store or App Store links depending on preference. Then follow the same installation steps that are outlined for NordVPN. Just remember to go to the Free VPN APK link in step four.

Hopefully, anyone will be able to successfully install the VPN of their choice on Firestick using this guide. While the list above doesn’t contain all of the VPN services available out there, the main installation steps will still work on most third-party VPN apps that Fire TV does not support. So since there is no excuse now, make sure to get a VPN for Fire TV and keep those network connections safe!